MITL’s Inaugural Conference of Transformative Leaders

Rio + 20: “Advancing the Green Economy and Inclusive Growth”

Fresh Solutions to Asia’s Urgent Development Problems

1rst MITL’s Inaugural Conference of Transformative Leaders

 Conference Participants Preparations

By: Hasanain Juaini – Indonesia

Relefan quotations

“Rio 1992 did not fail the world – far from it. It provided the vision and important pieces of the multilateral machinery to achieve a sustainable future”

“Rio+20 offers a real opportunity to scale-up and embed these “green shoots”. In doing so, this report offers not only a roadmap to Rio but beyond 2012, where a far more intelligent management of the natural and human capital of this planet finally shapes the wealth creation and direction of this world.”

“A transition to a green economy is already underway, a point underscored in the report and a growing wealth of companion studies by international organizations, Countries, corporations and civil society. But the challenge is clearly to build on this momentum.”[1]

= UNEP =

Now, billions of Asians are marching to modernity.

All of Asia may well be modernized in the twenty-first century[2].


“…………..the good news is that the “march to modernity” is spreading across Asia and onwards to the Islamic world[3].”

“So a new Asia is being created even as we speak.  And the new Asia basically is going to be a positive addition to the world, because it is creating hundreds of millions of responsible stakeholders who want to have a stake in a stable global order and who don’t want to disrupt the global order, who want to work with the West[4].”

–       Kishore Mahbubani –

“Lord God, people and my students have to record it deep into their minds that you have made the most precious and untold-credit of love, and we must get our turn to do so.”[5]

The extent challenges in Indonesia

  1. Changing patterns of human life and the application of technologies that are not aligned with the values of local wisdom and the concept of environmental sustainability:
    1. Weakening of community resilience;
    2. And cultural traditions weaken and disappear;
    3. Extinction of various species flora and fauna;
    4. The emergence of business sectors those are contrary to the principles of environmental conservation.
  1. The Weakness of public awareness to preserve the environment as a continuation of weak materials, methods and strategies for environmental educational programs:
    1. Community, especially the younger generation of apathy on the issue of environmental damage;
    2. Unable to cope with consequences of natural disasters;
    3. Increasing level of Environmental damage goes faster than before.
  1. The Commitment of the Government and stakeholders related to environmental conservation premises have not been well-defined, so that its implementation has not been able to achieve the desired objectives;
    1. Legislation can not anticipate nor damage the environment and can cope with the environmental damage that occurred;
    2. Inadequate budgeting for environmental improvements;
    3. The emergence of cultural politicizing everything in social life.
  1. Lack of cooperation at the regional, national and international levels relating to the implementation of environmental programs and activities;
    1. Activities are not synchronized, and often interfere with each other or do not support each other so that the cost used to be great;
    2. Working alone led to weak motivation and does not encourage the strengthening of optimism on the success of any conservation program;
  1. The Weak in human resources related to science and financial;
    1. Poverty and ignorance;
    2. Weak technological mastery.
    3. Weak supply information to the public.
  1. The complexity of climate change which cannot be predicted.

The low level of public awareness in preserving the environment and the absence of a strong organization that unites all around the world conservation movements are two of important things that should be our common concern.

Heightened awareness on the importance of a good environment can be a tool to leverage the rise of popular movements to address a wide range and types of threats of environmental destruction. Furthermore, the existence of a strong organization capable of bridging the environmental movement will be able to boost morale and answer various types of difficulties we faced.


Starting from the above two important factors, then I propose that we establish an organization that is creative and innovative capable of performing four strategic steps, namely: (1) Strengthen public awareness, (2) to mobilize people to engage in sustainable environmental process. (3) Bridging every person, organization or association that give their attention to working on environmental programs, and (4) Encourage and provide sufficient information, legal advocacy and funding.

Organization by which I mean above is located at the international level. It can also be played by Magsaysay Institute of Transformative Leaders (MITL) or organization established by the MITL separately. Subsequently established branches all over Asia and is also formed in every part of the countries concerned.

In meetings at the international level like this, we can discuss a wide range of innovative and creative ideas and then later confirmed as a joint program carried out simultaneously throughout Asia.

What I am bringing here, are some ideas according to my experiences in Indonesia as a teacher and a small leader of a small village, hoping some positive responses from The Audiences.


Establish a Cooperation and Association of Asian Guru

As global problems encroach into daily life, education must play catch up. As global citizens, students of all ages could do more to explore connections, debate citizen values and duties, and understand structures of global organizations.  We need to teach the Global civics to our students to inspire them to become active, so they will pay greater attention to any kinds of environment problem. Further they will understand that how small it is, it will become a global problem. There is no way better, to access them except through their teacher or “guru”.

Once the association and cooperation between teachers in Asia could happen, then I am sure they will be able to do more and faster than we can imagine.


Establish a Cooperation and Association of Asian mothers.

Mother, for the Asian community is a noble creature that is in a position to determine. In addition to the mother is the first teacher of every human being, and then the mother has the capacity to feel softer and deeper love.

Failure of achieving the vision and mission of education and teaching may also be addressed to the approach that is too masculine. Therefore, why do not we try to promote a more motherly?

Currently many of the world community of women engaged in various activities and sometimes just used to do things far more trivial than their incredible capacity of love. Logically, these environmental problems need love to be able to be overcome, and then the mothers as being the owner of this endless love I propose to play to the maximum, but according to their nature, rights and responsibilities that they carry in their household.

At the international level, broad scope, most likely in the form of media information technology will be very much help, but on a small scale and limited action they will do so effectively and efficiently.
Take a look at how their actions just by word of mouth can make a man of the end of the world can become an idol and maestro of the world. Now why in the affairs of the environment that is essential for human life they are less involved?


Desert Re-forestry


Truly, the idea of this kind can be called a crazy idea, but many communities in the world have ensured that it might be implemented even in a simple form.

Of course, according to their huge measure the process requires effort, cost and time of tremendous magnitude.

Changing a factor of global warming become a giant of oxygen sources must spend big and serious effort but it will sound very small due the massive benefits.

If this idea could be implemented, then the fear of polar ice melting exactly solved.

Many reasons makes this idea loudly calls to be taken, those are:

  1. The owner of the wide desert are rich and developed; While the rest poor countries were being victim, so they has right to be supported;
  2. Country that has succeeded in reforesting the desert would not only produce oxygen or the leaves of an evergreen tree, but different types of businesses will be open again and the answer will probably be cheaper and faster than on poverty reduction efforts as we have done.
  3. Logically, the reforestation program should be charged to those who use it directly as the inhabitants of the outskirts of the forest, or timber companies and mining companies. But the desert which we find in such a situation it is who will pay attention to if we do not fight together;
  1. A desert reforestation activity have been initiated in several countries such as China, India, Senegal, Nepal, United Arab Emirates and others, but has not received wide attention and still requires a massive campaign so that all parties are willing to become involved.

What makes me very excited about this program is likely to be a youth meeting place where young men and women worldwide is expected that the global brotherhood directly and completely real. None other than “Let’s do it”



One-eighth of Zakah and Shadaqah for the environmental improvement program

Zakat is a form of funds that must be submitted by the rich Muslim people or companies owned by Muslims to the public for the purpose of improvement.
On the other hand people who are not rich are also encouraged to issue a Sadaqah according to his sincerity.

Book of the Holy Qur’an has set that zakat and shadaqah should be distributed to the eight goals namely: For indigent, poor, amil, bankrupt, people are weak in faith, slaves, and general welfare and the traveler.

Currently a lot of people ask: “what can be done by Muslims, amounting to 1.5 billion?” Among the answer is, In accordance with these directives, “The one-eighth of the zakat (public interest) can be directed to the environmental improvement program, it is allowed to allocate one-eighth of the charity for environmental conservation activities.

[1] Downloaded from:


[3] in : From The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East-

[5] Hasanain Juaini: Apart from my experience when I receive every support and charity offered by ourfriends from various countries in America, Europe and Australia, I always say


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