On this occasion I would like to convey to my friends here a few experiences that I’ve done in various fields.




Restructuring and changing pattern and format of reforestation is very urgent because of old formula has been done but always felt less than successful.

We found that the cause that led to the erroneous patterns, forest-edges resident, and felt that the trees are more cured and not to answer their needs. In the short term, these projects were just giving them a chance to be a labor of planting. It lasted only a few days ago after that they will suffer the loss of jobs and activities when forest are penetrated to be closed for them. That’s what makes them reluctant to participate in implementing; on the contrary, they make use of reforestation projects for short-term benefit, such as embezzlement of project funds.

Our newest formula is to organize greening activities as follows:

  1. Assign tasks to each family for an intensive forestry about one hectare area;
  2. In each hectare of land, we order to plant as many as two thousand of suitable forest trees;
  3. After the planting were complete, we gave five cows that they can nurture and feed from the grass around where they do reforestation. Then in every six months the cows may be sold and profits divided equally. This means that their medium-term needs covered already;
  4. We give a thousand chickens to be maintained. They may sell for every day two hens or cocks of them to be the provision of their lives that day. This method has been answering the daily needs. (Short term). This strategy then make the chicken will never run out forever. ( Attention: If there is illness season coming, they sell all the chicken and buy back again when the disease season is gone);
  5. We create long-term calculations with them that after ten years (according to the normal period of trees to be harvested) they are entitled to the half of the trees;
  6. The remaining trees (about 1000 bar) allowed remaining as forest.

To assist communities in implementing this new formula, we made a demo plot “artificial forest” about 10 hectares and growing steadily every year, and now have reached the extent of 36 hectares. This artificial forest is now often used as a learning place for community around.

Something extraordinary also happened when the springs that had not previously existed, are now beginning to emerge from different points of the artificial forest.

At the beginning of this formula was introduced, we often come down to deliver tree seedlings spaciousness, providing financial aid for the planting and care for plants of various kinds of disturbances. But now people have to see for him the result of artificial forests is lush and dense, and then it does not need to deliver the seed or costs. People with a passion to do so independently.

Particular the last two years, such as tree species like gamelina and albasia already harvested, it certainly provides evidence that preserving the environment was able to answer the poverty problem very well.

Next time, we are going to plant three or five of orchids on every tree. Imagine what will happen.




Lots of people asked me how you do it, because these activities in addition to very difficult, of course tremendous cost.

Here I describe the ways:

  1. We ask the help of local newspapers to include an appeal to the people so that they provide assistance in accordance with the capabilities they have, in money, manpower and expertise;
  2. Asked the governor and the regents to mobilize school heads under their power to mobilize teachers and students for participating in this program;
  3. Invite all the NGOs working in the field of Environmental Conservation to help, especially in terms of administration and the campaigns through various media such as seminars, radio, local TV and others;
  4. All of the above-mentioned activities carried out six months prior to the seedling activities.


The forms of assistance and cooperation that we asked are as follows:

  1. Each elementary school students to collected one hundred pieces of scrap plastic cups bottled water;
  2. Each junior high school students to help with the animal manure or organic fertilizer;
  3. Every high school student and member of the Boy Scouts, Red Cross activists helped to plant saplings in the upper critical fields such as damaged government-owned forests  and bare hills;
  4. While from the general public and Government we are asking them to provide aid money and power;


Next I explain how these activities carried out with 460 boy’s student and 380 girl’s student as follows:

1)    With the cash donations that we got, also coupled with our own money, we buy the necessary materials;

2)    Hire and cultivate the land until ready to use;

3)    Looking for tree seedlings in the forest, and if they are still less then we buy from companies that provide it;

4)    buy para-net (protective plastic roof) and install it;

5)    Punching holes in plastic cups with an electric soldering tool, then used as a place to plant seeds, (called polybag);

6)    Polybag filling-out with soil and seeds;

7)    Treating seeds until large enough and ready to be planted;

8)    Announced through various media that tree seedlings are ready for planting. Community was asked to come and take by theirs with themselves according to their needs;

9)    With the help of experts to give guidance to people who do not understand how to plant and maintain artificial forests.

Such activity has been going on since 2005 until now. In this year (2011 – 2012) began from the planting season in October 2011 to April 2012 has distributed more than eight hundred thousand stem of tree seedlings of various kinds, such as : Mahogany, golden teak, gamelina, albasia, tamarind, ketapang , cotton pads, banyan, durian, jackfruit, kelokos, elar, acids and others.






Since two years ago, and as other benefits from the planting of trees on barren land and dry, we have found a formula of organic materials to create a tree-planting media which is resistant to stress, heat resistance and make grow rapidly.

Starting from the discovery, we moved to help the world restore the forests that have long gone and now it has become desert.

In the meantime, we are seriously explored and learn with some experience in India, China, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates had started with such a successful activity. Then we will participate and to bring and introduce this new technology hoping that it will be useful to achieve the very noble goal.

In our design, there are several steps are required:

  1. Permission and the necessary assistance from countries in possession of the desert so that we can do experiments and research directly on the relevant land;
  2. Cooperation with international NGOs to come together to do it, so that these activities can be more easily and more quickly;
  3. Commitment of both countries concerned as well as UN agencies to facilitate as needed.

In addition to anti-stress problem of growing media that we have already mentioned, we will also offer the seeds to be planted is about two years old seedlings and large enough-sized (about the diameter of 5 cm and a height of 2 meters). Seedlings are prepared on a large scale then placed separately onto the desert with the mutual cooperation by young men and women worldwide from environmental activists together to plant them on land that had been prepared properly.


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